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Preschool Program (2 years-12 years)

Red Hearts(2),Yellow Bees (3),Blue Jays (4)

Every day is a learning adventure in our preschool classroom – where children are encouraged and taught to become independent thinkers.

  • Program designed to meet the needs of children ages 2 through 4 years old

  • Low teacher to child ratios allows for consistent and open teaching

  • Activities are a balanced combination of child-initiated and teacher-directed

  • Structured classroom design provides for a rich learning focused environment

  • Curriculum focuses on developing cognitive, social/emotional, language and literacy development, and physical skills children need to succeed in school and life

  • Children have a separate playground area that is only utilized by the preschool classrooms

Our classrooms are organized into "learning centers" that encourage children to work and play cooperatively:

  • Block Center (size, shape, balance, symmetry, cooperation)

  • Dramatic Play / House (symbolic representation, creativity, cooperation)

  • Dramatic Play / Grocery Store (writing a shopping list, sorting fruits and vegetables)

  • Puzzles (part-whole relationships, problem-solving)

  • Sensory Play / Sand and Water (explore measuring cups, funnels, sieves)

  • Painting at the Easel (symbolic representation, fine motor)

  • Art (cutting, tearing, gluing and painting ... creativity, fine motor and problem solving)             

Our curriculum uses art, music, stories and hands-on activities to promote children's development. Children learn and grow as they play, explore the environment, interact with other children, and participate in daily activities planned by experienced, caring teachers. The curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher guided activities and allows time for small and large group activities. Learning through play offers children hands on experiences to develop problem solving skills, social skills and creative expression Math, technology, science, and art components are strongly emphasized and are incorporated throughout the entire day through fun, learning activities.The curriculum offers daily, built-in opportunities for observation; helping teachers clearly see the strong relationship between curriculum and assessment. Through assessment, teachers obtain useful information about children’s knowledge, skills, and progress by observing, documenting, analyzing and reviewing children’s work over time. Student Portfolios are kept for each child to document growth and development through your preschooler’s work. The program provides teachers with the resources to individualize instruction; allowing them to meet the needs of every type of learner.

The Preschool classrooms are designed to nurture children’s natural inquisitiveness as they develop their independence, self-confidence, social and cognitive skills. The physical space of the classroom is divided in interest areas that offer multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover, and grow. In each area, the arrangement of furniture and materials involves children not only in learning, but also in caring for the classroom and what is in it. Every child has a designated space to hold personal items and supplies.Toys are sanitized on a weekly basis and sheets are routinely washed each week. A child is permitted to bring in a small personal blanket for nap-time. 

In the Preschool parents are asked to provide diapers and baby wipes (if applicable) or pull ups, which will continue to be supplied until the child is fully potty trained, and a complete change of clothes (underwear, shirt, pants or skirt, and socks) at school at all times.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please call your local

ABC Child Development Center.

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