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Our Purple Plums/Green Frogs Program

(6 weeks-24 months)

To schedule a tour or for more information, please call your local ABC Child Development Center.

Purple Plums

(6 weeks-18 months)

Loving arms, kind voices, physical play, and sensory experiences create a safe and caring environment in our Infant Room.

  • Program designed for infants 6 weeks through 18 months (may vary by program location)

  • Low teacher to child ratio allows personal attention and child focused care

  • Custom-designed Infant Room is equipped to ensure a cheerful, secure environment for your child to learn and develop

  • The Infant Curriculum is designed to foster cognitive, sensory, physical, and emotional development

  • Children have a separate playground area that is only utilized by the infant and toddler classrooms​

For an infant, every day is a day filled with discovery. To help your infant develop and grow, we’ve created a safe and nurturing environment filled with all the comforts of home. Our infant classroom features a low teacher-child ratio ensuring nurturing care and personal attention. Your child receives love and encouragement throughout the day. A daily infant report keeps you current on your child’s feeding, diaper changes, daily routine and developmental progress. We recognize that every child is unique, with distinctive caregiving needs. Affectionate care provides the open environment for children to learn and thrive. Babies delight in hearing language, which provides the early foundations for rich language and literacy development. The curriculum encourages social interaction with the world around them.

The Infant Room is bright and cheerful, with an open play area in the center of the room which provides a safe space for babies to play, explore, and grow. The room design allows teachers to have full view of all of the children in their care. Soft edges make for a safer environment for young crawlers, as they learn to discover the world around them.Age appropriate developmental toys and materials fill the play area and are placed at the child’s level, so that the children can reach with ease. Every child has a designated spaceto hold personal items and supplies. Toys are sanitized continuously throughout the day, and sheets are routinely washed at the end of each day.

Infant Room parents provide formula, food, diapers, and baby wipes.

Green Frogs ( 18-24 months)

Our Toddler Room classrooms keep active minds and bodies busy engaged at every step with hands on learning environments.

  • Program is designed for toddlers 18 through 24 months (may vary by program location)

  • Low teacher-child ratios allow close supervision and the opportunity for teacher assistance

  • Activities are a balanced combination of child-initiated and teacher-directed

  • Toddler Room is designed to allow space for movement, encouraging toddlers to explore freely and independently

  • The Toddler Curriculum supports the development of the whole child; emphasizing the significance of hands-on learning experience.

By the time children are toddlers; their days are more constant and start to become more group-oriented. 

A consistent daily routine helps them feel more in control and thus more competent and secure in their classroom environment. Toddler teachers help children find appropriate ways to establish themselves by supporting their individuality, giving them choices whenever possible, and introducing social concepts. Caregivers observe children purposefully, think about what they learn from each child, and respond in supportive ways. When you support children as individuals, you can offer experiences that engage and delight children and build their confidence. The daily schedule provides a consistent structure to the day; allowing for the development of routines and rituals.

The curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher guided activities. The program respects children as unique individuals and encourages them to learn and think independently. Age-appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment encourage developing confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning.

The environment provides developmentally appropriate challenges, all while encouraging independence and exploration. Every child has a designated space to hold personal items and supplies. Toys are sanitized continuously throughout the day, and sheets are routinely washed each week.

Toddler Room parents provide diapers and baby wipes, which will continue to be supplied until the child is fully potty trained.

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