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ABC Child Development Center puts play at the heart of our program, encouraging active play participation in the learning process. We create partnerships with our families, center staff and the communities to build and enhance each child’s positive sense of self. Our teams approach supports each child as an active learner by providing opportunities for social interaction, problem solving and exploration of the environment. Our activities and plans are developed from daily lives of the children and adults in our program with a special emphasis on the interest and needs of the children. This creative curriculum enhances each child’s self esteem,creativity and decision- making abilities. Hands-on experiences through art, music, science, language, drama, outdoor play and field trips are vehicles for learning through play.

Our professional team genuinely loves and respects children and works as part of a team to establish safe, stimulating and creative environments and activities for each child and their families. Our team is knowledgeable about how children develop and learn and are committed to continued growth and education. Staff regularly attends workshops and in-service training including First Aid and CPR.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please call your local

ABC Child Development Center.

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